April 28, 2011

It ain't all bad

I realize that I mostly use this blog to voice misconceptions (or straight-up whine) about my curly hair, but that's not the whole picture. There are some really great things about having curls, too, so I've made a small list:

1. Curls make people happy. People smile at me brightly when saying, "I love your hair!" It's cheesy to say, but it's really great to be able to give a small joy to someone just by standing there.

2. Babies love me. I'm not sure what it's about, but babies love to stare at me. I think it's the combination of the texture of my hair and the light reflecting in my glasses. Whatever the reason, it's awesome!

3. People always think my hair looks good. Granted, I don't go out with the worst bed head, but still, sometimes I'll think I'm having the worst hair day ever and still get compliments. I can get away with being pretty lazy and I love it!

4. I never look like anyone else. Often I see this as a negative thing, but in a world where so many people have the same clothes, bags, shoes, etc. it's actually pretty cool to have a unique look.

P.S. Do you like my pictures? We watched "Napoleon Dynamite" last week and I was inspired by Glamour Shots by Deb (who wouldn't be?!).  All I need now are some great '80s bedsheets to use as backgrounds, then I'll pretty much have a business. pretty much. . .

April 13, 2011

Cut it out!

I got my hair cut today.

I love going to see my stylist, Sally, (co-owner of Joji's Salon.) She has great energy, is always up for trying something new, and we have really interesting conversations while she chops. She's also the only hairstylist I've ever had with straight hair. How she knows what to do with curls is mystifying.

In contrast to my awesome experience with Sally, I have not always had a positive relationship with hairstylists. I've dealt with numerous bad haircuts, stylists who were too precious/possessive about my curls, and people who just had no clue what to do with my curls and decided to treat it like straight hair. Different situations which all end the same: tears.

It was fated that I find Sally, though. I was shopping on Main Street, feeling terrible about my grown-out haircut, and I stumbled upon a shopgirl with amazing curls. I, of course, think I have the right to talk to anyone with curly hair and find out all I can about how they care for it. She told me excitedly about her stylist, Sally, and the rest is history.

Go check her out for a great cut, good tea, and a heavenly head massage.

April 9, 2011

The Sheila E look

Every once in awhile i get tired of fighting my perfectly '80s hair and just go for it. I went to the pool the night before and must have slept on my right side because I woke up with my hair looking like this. So instead of fighting it I secured it with pins and went on my way. It was so fun to wear my hair differently. 

I was instantly reminded of Sheila E, who was the percussionist for Prince at the height of his career. I have no clue how I can even remember her because I would have been so young, but she must have made an impression on me. 

She has amazing beats, a style all her own, and competed in a field dominated by men at the time. Just wearing my hair like her made me feel empowered. Here's to you, Sheila E, you still kick ass!