February 28, 2011

Just my imagination

Today, I saw a woman who has the hair that I only think I have - dark auburn, tight, luscious curls that shimmer under the light. I then glanced in the mirror, thinking I would see something very similar to that, only to realize that my hair doesn't look anything like that.

Many people think that I have natural auburn hair (which I didn't even know existed) because I've been dying it some shade of red or caramel since I was 12. I've recently decided to stop dying my hair (at least for now, I'm not making any life commitments here), mostly because I have no idea what my natural hair colour is anymore and I think that's a little ridiculous. I've also just become frustrated with the cycle of roots and dyeing.

So now to the task of working with what I actually have and not just what I imagine I have.

That blur to the right is my mom. I was trying to take a picture of both of us but she wasn't too keen/didn't quite get it. ("I mean, I don't even know how I would get to a blog, Jenny")

February 25, 2011

Those curls grow slowly

Here's a bit of a flashback to show how long my hair took to grow in.

My parents say I was bald until the age of 2 or 3, as evidenced in the picture to the left (I'm the younger one, with my sister). My poor, cold head!

In the picture of my preschool class below, I am probably 3 or 4, so that's how long it took to grow that beautiful head of curls. (I am in the second row on the far right, if it wasn't blatantly obvious).
Aren't I cute?!

Of course, I am. Any child is cute with curls, but a fully grown woman who still gets called "cute" can get a little old . . .
but I soldier on. ;o)

February 24, 2011

Curls change over time?

My sister pointed out to me last night that my curls have changed. Looking back at pictures from 4 years ago (like this one with my mom and I from behind), it is also clear to me. I have a different hairstylist, wear my hair a bit finer, use different product, so I guess those are all reasons. But frankly, I like the old curls better.

I'm sure I didn't feel that way at the time, though. I always remember my hair as a point of frustration for me my whole life. That's part of why I'm doing this blog. I'm hoping that seeing my hair through pictures will make me appreciate it and see it for the beauty that it is. We'll see. . .

Oh, here's a picture of me today, just washed my hair. It's looking a little water-heavy, but I'm hoping that that will keep the frizz at bay. Today, I used Aveda Be Curly, which is supposed to be the best, but I have yet to be convinced of. One more time!

February 23, 2011

Here we go . . .

Bed head. First thing in the morning and I am actually less ashamed of my hair and more of my tired eyes and blotchy skin.
This is not as bad as it gets, though, don't fear. I can be privileged to wake up with some pretty sweet Kramer hair on occasion.

Apres washing. It's actually a fine art to know how long to dry my hair for after I wash it. I just towel dry it, but still, from this picture I can tell I let it go for too long and it will be frizzy today - excellent. When straight-haired girls get frizzy hair it has a cute name, 'Fly Aways,' like you're going on a holiday. When my hair is frizzy it sits 8 inches off my head and people reference bad 70s movies. No sympathy. 

But I'm ranting. 

I did actually intend to use this blog constructively to answer questions people have about my hair. 

Yes, it's naturally curly. (to get the obvious question out of the way) 

February 21, 2011

A Hairy Situation

My hair. 

I get the most comments, questions, compliments about it. It's state affects the way I feel on any given day and is, more often than not, a source of frustration for me. But I never know how to explain that to people who look admirably at my curly locks and think I must have it made hair-wise.

So I've decided to take a cue from my favorite fashion bloggers and take a photo of my hair in all its states of  glory and disparity over the next few weeks.