January 26, 2013

getting knitty with it

                                                                                I have been knitting for the last 10 years or so, off and on. I assumed that getting pregnant and having a little one would spin me into a knitting frenzy and my child would wear many chic knits made by mom. That is not quite what happened . . .

During pregnancy, i was too tired, uncomfortable and mentally foggy to focus on many creative projects. Plus my hands ached as my ligaments loosened to make space for my growing belly and baby. I didn't anticipate that.

I thought i would have increased energy and the nesting instinct would get my creative juices flowing and my needles clacking. Instead, my son came 3 weeks early and the big nesting burst everyone talks about never fully kicked in.

After I had my baby, I heard rumours of moms who would knit as their child breastfed and were just pumping out toques and socks and blankets for their little ones. To me this sounded like some fantastical story of fairies and ogo pogos and wizards. I couldn't even get out of my pyjamas for 3 weeks.

But sure enough, I started to be able to carve out time for myself as my son grew and am now happy to say that i am knitting my way through a cabled sweater for myself. It's also a great activity to do while exhaustedly watching netflix in the evenings. ;o)

January 16, 2013

Free at last . . .

Since becoming a mom I've done a few things which the general public may refer to as "letting myself go", but I think of as "free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!"

1. I stopped dyeing my hair, even though I have greys.
Our society puts great emphasis on looking polished and has infinite options for making every part of our bodies very shiny. I dyed my hair for 16 years and loved the instant re-invention it allowed, especially as a teen, but it started to feel like a hole I was throwing money into for no good reason except the fear of looking like a zebra as I grew it out. I did look like a zebra for awhile, but now I finally feel confident with my natural hair colour (greys and all).

2. I started wearing comfortable shoes.
I am on the ultimate search for fall/winter footwear that manages to gracefully combine function and fashion (and have been for most of my life), but since I haven't found it yet I wear the same Blundstone boots almost everyday, even though they are not really my style. (And I wait for summer when I can live in my silver Birkenstock flip flops - those are the perfect fashion/function sandal). Fortunately, a lot of people in my neighbourhood also wear similar boots every day so I don't stick out that much. There's a strange freedom in giving myself less choice and just knowing what I'm going to wear (at least on my feet). Maybe that's what the private school kids have been talking about all these years?

3. I wear my hair naturally, sans product.
There was a time in my life when I would have never left the house without product in my hair. The frizz alone . . . But nowadays, if i'm on my own with my son, I will never get to leave the house if I live by this rule. It takes long enough to get us both dressed, fed, and out the door. So I bought myself a toque to plop on my head on messy hair days and sometimes even go a little crazy and just wear my hair big, combed-out 70s style.

4. I dress like a boy.
Or, excusez moi, I follow the "menswear-inspired" and "boyfriend ____" trends. This started when I was pregnant and just amped up once I started breastfeeding because button-up shirts (or even better, snap-up) allow for easy access. And always one to have to have a 'look' I started pairing them with coloured jeans and big sweaters and the aforementioned boots and toque. This is liberating because I have always been a bit of a tomboy (in style and wanting to run through mud barefoot only, no athletic ability here, friends) but have fought it for most of my 20s. The fight is over.

5. I stopped pretending to wear make-up.
For a few years there I really made an effort to be a make-up person like my mom and sister always wanted, but aside from the occasional blush for a little colour, I'm just not into it and now I have the perfect excuse to stop trying. Also, now that I rarely wear make-up, when I do make a small effort for a special event people compliment me like mad and it's awesome.

January 15, 2013

My Very Own Real-life Doll

When I first found out I was pregnant I desperately wanted a baby girl. I grew up surrounded by girls and thought I'd have no idea what to do with a boy. Besides, I love fashion and there's nothing fun to dress boys in, right?

Fast forward almost 2 years and I could not imagine life without my little boy. Almost all my friends with kids have boys and I get great joy out of watching these little men grow. I also have tons of fun dressing my boy! Maybe there are more options out there now or I just never noticed before, but boys' clothes are cute today. There are skinny jeans and plaid shirts and little hats and booties and polo shirt onesies and cardigans with elbow patches. And everything really is cuter small.

I also love living vicariously through my son's closet. How fun is it to change over your clothing options every few months? Granted, we've been very blessed with gifts and hand me downs, so i haven't had to do the growing boy shuffle, running around town looking desperately for the right size and style of clothing before he pops out of his current collection. I may feel differently then, but for now I get a kick out of dressing this kid. Here are a few outfit highlights: 

lumberjack chic
business casual
bearded for halloween
retro sweats

January 14, 2013

Nouveau Chapter

It's been awhile since I've posted anything here. I got a bit pre-occupied the last few years by getting pregnant and having a baby (the understatement of my life!)

Almost a year later, I am still adapting (and re-adapting and re-adapting again) to life as a full-time mom and needless to say, I don't think of my hair as obsessively as I once did. A fetus taking over your body and a baby taking over your days will snap the vanity right out of you (or at least put it way further down the to-do list). 

In the few precious hours I get to myself each day I have to balance doing things for the house, the family, and myself. And usually once me time comes around I am so tired I end up flopping on the couch to watch Netflix or read other people's blogs. Often when reading said blogs, I feel envious and wonder why I don't do one anymore. So, after encouragement from an old friend, I am starting up again.

What will I write about? I don't know. I have no great plan or niche reading market in mind, just a desire to carve out a little space for myself on the interwebs and see what comes of it.