October 2, 2013

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk . . .?


Not even if it's one of a series of mishaps in your day?

Not even if, hypothetically, you're a stay-at-home-mom who has had a cold for almost a week and your child also has said cold. And it's raining. And you've spent the morning next to a difficult person in the name of being "helpful" and "welcoming." And THEN you drop your glass bottle of milk on the concrete - the one that is locally-bottled and organic and more expensive than the other milks that you buy to be more environmentally responsible - and it leaves a white trail on the rain-soaked sidewalk as you try to find a garbage can to dump it in before inevitably going back to the store to get another bottle. And, say, you're pushing your 1.5 year old in the stroller all this time.

Not enough to justify tears?

What if then you come home to find that your child threw up on the carpet before you had the above-stated difficult morning and you didn't notice . . . until 4 hours later . . . and now your hall stinks like throw up?

Cry on, mama, cry on.