May 18, 2011

i've been conditioned

I just learned that there are women in the world who don't use conditioner . . . and still have great hair.

As someone who cannot fathom ever leaving my hair unconditioned, I was honestly shocked by this. I know, silly thing to be shocked by. But, seriously, that's amazing. 
I knew that men didn't often use conditioner, but I always thought that was a length thing. 

Equally shocking was my discovery of the opposite last year - that lots of curly-haired peeps use conditioner and NOT shampoo. I've started doing this myself, only using shampoo half the time, but always conditioner, and my hair is way less dry. 

But seriously, aren't Shampoo and Conditioner the quintessential bathroom couple!? 

And now I learn, after all these years, that people have been breaking them up in houses all over the world.  I know it's crazy, but it's true. 

May 9, 2011

do it like a dude

Many people look in the mirror or around at their friends and compare themselves to celebrities they may resemble.

I have never been told I looked like anybody famous, but lately I've noticed that I've been rockin' some Bob Dylan-goes-electric hair. Seriously, it's uncanny.

Then today I was reading an article about internet whiz-kids and couldn't help but see a hair-semblance with Jessie Eisenberg ("The Social Network").

Is it weird that I can relate in looks most to men?
Maybe a little, but it's all good. Those boys have some styling hair!